March 30, 2016

GPEL is taking the selfie game to new heights with its cutting edge selfie stick and remote controller which boast more updated and cutting edge features over the standard selfie sticks and remote controllers.

San Diego, CA – 16th March, 2016 – For all the selfie lovers looking for an edgy experience, GPEL has come up with something really happening.  The company has just released its futuristic selfie stick and selfie remote control with the promise to sweep the selfie game to a whole new level.

“We are here for selfie fans just like you who are working to make the selfie or groupie experience even more advanced and convenient.  Yes, there are other selfie sticks available on the market but our state of the art selfie stick and Pebble Bluetooth controller are designed with an upgraded make for a far superior feel compared to other regular counterparts,” smiled the leading sales official from GPEL.

A name of big repute globally, Green Power Electronics Co. Ltd. manufactures IT devices which are exported to more than 40 countries.  The company is backed by over 120 partners worldwide.

The latest GPEL selfie stick features a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum build which distinguishes it from the selfie sticks commonly available on the contemporary market.  The official also stressed the contoured and rib-finned rubber grip and secure lock facilities.


“Our Selfie Monopod for Pros would be grand for both amateur or hobbyist selfie fans and professional photographers.  The futuristic product comes with a wide-angle viewing mirror, is equipped to cover a longer length and its standard ¼”-20 thread size holes can easily attach DSLRs, camcorders as well as mini tripod extensions.”



Speaking on their new multifunctional Pebble Selfie Remote Control, the GPEL manager emphasized the amazing possibilities of wireless control capable with the device which lets the user retain his independence.  The controller is both Android and Apple compatible. 

“Our revolutionary Pebble remote controller has been armed with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity so that you can capture solid snapshots even at 30 feet away.  No wonder our users have rated it a full 5 out of 5 stars.  There are handy buttons for zooming in and out. You will be able to turn the flash on and off,” explained the manager.

The GPEL remote control is further equipped to switch between camera and video modes, front and back cameras as well as 1:1 and 4:3 picture ratios.  The users are already gaga over the substantial size of the device which makes it tougher to lose and their second favorite about the product are the huge legible buttons.


“Just forget about all the other selfie remote controllers on the market.  This one works the best and has got great texture.  It’s a must-have for every selfie lover,” reads a happy testimonial from a content GPEL Pebble remote controller user.

The Pebble app is available free of charge at Google Play and App Store.

“We are here to make life better and more exciting for you and our latest selfie stick and remote controller are here to redefine your selfie experience on a more glorious note,” the manager added in.

About the company

GPEL™ is a leading producer of IT devices with the aim to improve the quality of living globally.  The company exports to over 40 countries.

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