What Is the Best Way to Protect Your Smartphone’s Screen From Scratches?

July 30, 2015

The best way to protect your phone from a scratch is to not drop it, but how realistic is that? It’s really not! Accidents happen, and that one grain of sand could be enough to leave a mark in the screen! Protecting your smartphone is important, so you need to look at various options available.

One of the best items available is a screen protector. They seem like a waste of money, but they really do work! You could make your own, but it takes time and patience. The best thing to do is purchase an option, such as the Corning Gorilla Glass screen protector.

Aren’t Screens Designed to Protect From Scratches?

There is an element in the screens to protect from scratches, but not to completely avoid them. The screens are scratch-resistant. That just means it is harder to leave a mark. If your little one things the screen is great for rubbing across the gravel in the backyard, you can guarantee that scratches will appear.

The screen protectors may seem like thin layers of plastic or glass, but there is much more to them. They’re that extra layer for your screen, and are created with material that has the ability to absorb most of the damage. Instead of your screen getting scratched, your protector will and then you can replace them when they get too bad. Tempered glass is highly effective, and will not need replacing as often as plastic.

Buying Good Screen Protectors

You want to spend more than a couple of dollars on your protector for your smartphone. GPEL offers a range of tempered glass options for your protection, without spending a fortune.

There are options for all types of phones, and the Corning Gorilla Glass screen protectors will absorb scratches from dirt, sand and rubbing against surfaces. The tempered glass can even protect against drops.

The best way to protect your smartphone is definitely from a screen protector, but you need the best material. The Corning Gorilla Glass screen protector from GPEL is definitely one to invest in.



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