Why do we need wireless charger for smartphone?

October 28, 2015

When the idea of wireless charging was first floated by Nikola Tesla, many thought that he had gone mad and skeptics were busy ransacking their brains to figure out how that would be possible. Over the last few years, wireless charging has become a much debated concept. After substantial hullaballoo, we finally have the standards for wireless charging, it has become a reality and it is trending. There’s a market analysis report that predicts the surge of wireless charging and that it would become as common as Wi-Fi in a few years. Another such market analysis report estimates that the wireless charging market will be worth $13.78 billion by the end of 2020.

As GPEL™ launches an iPhone 6s case for additional battery life and Qi enabled wireless charging, let us sneak a peek at some of the reasons why you need smart phone wireless charging.

  • If the contemporary smartphone can be criticized for anything then it has to be the battery. You may not like a few features on a particular phone but that is model and brand specific. The world of smartphone is thrilling; loaded with goodies and packs is a lot of punch. It gives you more power than you have ever had in a mobile phone or what the first generation of computers had in their mainframes. To keep your smartphone juiced up, you need intermittent supplies of power and the only way to have that is to increase the battery life somehow and to get access to convenient charging stations. Wireless charging is one step closer to the reality of having chargers almost anywhere and everywhere. Since, Qi wireless charging is the accepted global standard, there is no variance and thus you will be able to get a compatible port.

  • You don’t have to deal with the tangling and dangling cables, the varying charging ports and the need to carry your chargers around.
  • While the iPhone 6s case being launched by GPEL™ is Apple certified and specifically works on enhancing battery life and Qi wireless charging for the particular model, there are Qi certified charging stations in the works that would be compatible with iPhones or the upcoming Samsung Notes and Galaxies, for Motorola and for HTC among others. So you can get the same charging station work for all your smartphones. You can also charge tablets with specific cases or if they are already Qi enabled so you can plug and play. You can also use wireless charging for Bluetooth devices, cameras and more.



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