Why Selfie is so Popular?

November 10, 2015

We live in the era of selfies and groupfies. It is thus natural that anything facilitating the act of taking selfies or groupfies will become popular. Hence, it is no surprise why the selfie stick and remote have become so popular. There are some who don’t like the idea of a selfie stick and remote but it is one of the bestsellers right now and the fad is unlikely to be passé anytime soon.

What is a Selfie Stick?

Simply put, it is a monopod. The stick or the monopod is used to hold a camera or a smartphone at a distance, usually farther away from the body than what an arm is capable of and one can take a picture or shoot a video. The monopod or the selfie stick may be extendable. It typically has an adjustable clamp to hold the camera or the phone and a handle.

While many might think that the selfie stick is a gift of the twenty-first century, it is actually almost a hundred years old. Homemade monopods or selfie sticks can be traced back to 1925. There is a particular photograph of a man and his wife which has been taken using a long pole. The pole is held and it runs out of the frame where the camera is supposed to be hosted. It is much like the modern day selfie stick in form and function.

In 2014, the selfie stick made it to the list of 25 best inventions published by Time magazine.


Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote Controller from GPEL™

A selfie stick typically has a shutter button, pressing which will take the photo or capture the video. While you can certainly get yourself the standard selfie stick, you would be better off with the Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Controller being launched by GPEL™.

The selfie stick would be just as easy to use but courtesy Pebble™ which is the remote controller you can now click pictures and capture videos using the remote control via Bluetooth. Despite the convenient placement of the shutter button in most selfie sticks, one doesn’t really have a wide range of motions. One has to be pretty stagnant and has to hold the stick in particular positions so one can access the button. This prevents anyone from taking some rather unique shots or to get some cool angles. With the Bluetooth remote controller Pebble™ from GPEL™, one can use a selfie stick in just about any angle, position and can go on a clicking or capturing spree.

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