GPEL launches Advanced Tempered Glass Screen Protector for impenetrable guard for Galaxy S9 & S9+

March 22, 2018

GPEL has launched new cutting edge Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ that assure most optimum protection for the phone screen with complete edge to edge guard.

San Diego, CA - March 20, 2018 - Great News for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+users. Leading smartphone screen protector maker GPEL has recently launched state of the art Tempered Glass Screen Protector for both the new Galaxy phones. The latest protectors assure complete edge to edge impenetrable protection for the cutting-edge Samsung handsets. 

The new Galaxy S9 & S9+ Tempered Glass Screen Protectors from GPEL are engineered to fit smoothly with just any case or otherwise the customers will get a guaranteed refund. 

What separates GPEL screen protectors from regular options in the market is their unmatched structure and design. The new screen guards are made with world’s strongest glass to ensure complete protection for the handsets from any possible damages. Those who lead an extreme lifestyle and need extreme protection for their new Galaxy smartphones- have the right answer with GPEL’s latest screen protectors.

Moreover, the GPEL screen protectors have been intelligently designed with 3D Curved Edges to safeguard the phone screen from edge to edge. The high end glass screen protector is able to withstand any kind of external damage or scratches so that the touchscreen inside stays unharmed and fully functional. 

“The new Galaxy S9 & S9+ handsets are no less than prized tech assets. And as a responsible owner of these cutting-edge smartphones, you look for the best protection for them. This is where our new tempered glass screen protectors come in. Built with ion-exchanged toughened glass, our screen protectors guarantee the most optimum and impenetrable guard for your assets. Be it a nick or bump or sudden drop- with our screen guards on your handsets, your phone will stay unharmed from just any mishap out there”, stated the leading spokesperson from GPEL.

Despite such a robust guard, the GPEL screen protectors guarantee no compromise on the touch sensitivities of the phone screen. 

“Don’t worry, our tempered glass screen protectors will make sure the brilliance, touch and definition of your S9 or S9+ touchscreen stay unaffected. Your phone’s touchscreen will perfectly sense your touch so that you can work with the phone easily and seamlessly.”

The spokesperson also mentioned about an additional oleophobic coating on the GPEL screen protectors. The extra coating is given to help with easy wiping of unwanted smudges on the phone screen. 

While asked about the difficulty level of installing the screen protector, the GPEL official assured a smooth and easy installation in a snap. Users will just need to align the screen protector on their S9 or S9+ handset screen and it will fit in less than a second. As the screen protectors prevent excessive stains and fingerprints to sit on them, the guards are breezy to clean and maintain as well. 

The GPEL Galaxy S9 & S9+ Tempered Glass screen protectors are available in an awesome range of lustrous colors to complement different shades of handsets. The company is also extending a strong 30 day cash back guarantee on customer satisfaction.

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