GPEL releases full coverage Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Premium Cases

August 15, 2017

GPEL has just come up with full coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The tempered glass promises impenetrable protection with no compromise on touch functionality.

San Diego, CA – August 10, 2017 – News for all those aspiring to order the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Leading smartphone accessory maker GPEL has just released full coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Note 8. Backed by Premium Japanese Asahi glass, the screen protector assures the best guard for your new Samsung beauty right from day 1.

A unique aspect of the GPEL screen protector is that it is absolutely “case friendly” and is compatible with most of the phone cases we get today.

“We are excited to announce that we have recently launched advanced full coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We have the best screen protector you can ever have for the state of the art smartphone and we promise you the most powerful guard. The best part is that our screen protector will cover the entire screen- edge-to-edge- for maximum safety. Your phone would be safe from almost anything being thrown at it”, stated the leading sales executive from GPEL.

The screen protector is backed by Ion-exchanged toughened glass that will protect the screen from nicks, bumps and other mishaps so that the user can enjoy a flawless touchscreen experience. It is especially created to withstand everyday abuse and is easily compatible with extreme lifestyle. The glass layer is shock absorbent and will absorb sudden breaks or drops to keep your phone in the optimum condition. It’s a breeze to install the screen protector- just align it with the screen and it would snug in instantly. The advanced 3D curved screen protectors attest to be the best in world with the assurance of complete edge-to-edge guard for the entire screen.

“Mishaps are not uncommon. What if you suddenly drop your phone on the platform while running for your train? Don’t sweat – our state of the art screen protector will take care of your phone even when you are too clumsy. In simple words, we guarantee you impenetrable protection.”

Would the additional glass layer affect the touchscreen functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? The GPEL executive ensured no harm to the touchscreen performance of the screen with the protector glass on.

“Don’t worry, your Note 8’s touch, definition and brilliance will stay unaffected with the addition of our glassprotector. Moreover, we have added an oleophobic coating on our protector glass to help you in wiping the unwanted smudges easily.”

Speaking on the cases, the sales official stressed on an equally superior protection with premium protective shock absorption backup, GPEL EverPure Max and EverPure Hybrid Series. Armed with tough polycarbonate back plate, the new Galaxy cases speak of a tough solution with anti-scratch coating.

“Our cases too assure a premium guard for your Galaxy beauty and come up with flexible TPU bumper for the necessary drop protection”, remarked the sales official.

About GPEL

GPEL is one of the most renowned global leaders in smartphone tempered glass applications for more than a decade. It specializes in high quality smartphone screen protectors and cases. The company now caters to more than 25 million happy customers all across the world.  

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