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GPEL Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand

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Device-charging experience of the future.
The GPEL Fast Wireless Charging Stand is the perfect wireless charger for your Qi compatible phone. Its free positioning using 2-coil technology and large charging area allows you to simply place your phone onto the stand and let it charge no matter how it’s placed. We designed the stand at a 60-degree angle so you can access your calls or texts comfortably while the phone charges. It is compatible with all enabled Qi devices.

Product Features
- No more hassling with wires and untangling cables
- Free positioning using 2-coil technology
- Compatible with all Qi enabled devices

- GPEL Fast Wireless Charging Stand
- Instruction Manual
- Micro USB Cable
- (Wall adapter is not included. Recommended wall adapter with output rating of at least 2 amp)