About Us

Having received colossal recognition and brand identity selling over 20 million units of tempered glasses through a network of distributors in several locations in the United States, GPEL is now the most trusted name for customers when it comes to choosing high quality premium smartphone accessories. The company accords complete care to produce separate models of cases for specific devices to ensure perfect fittings, unsurpassed performance and extended durability.

The GPEL mobile cases and screen protectors are available for all leading mobiles Smartphones and Tablet brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC to name a few. GPEL is the most recognized brand credited for developing the World first curved glass screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. When it comes to quality of the screen protectors and cases, there is no compromising with the cheap and low-grade materials. GPEL premium screen protectors are made of first-rate Japanese tempered glass and stain resistant performance for years.