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Regal Cinemas Ultimate Movie Pack which includes two Ultimate (unrestricted) tickets and a $10 concessions gift card.


AMC Movie Bundle which includes two AMC Green (some restrictions apply) tickets, two Show Snack® drink vouchers and one Show Snack® popcorn voucher.

*Upgrade & surcharge fees may apply for both

$200 VISA Gift Card

Get to 25,000 points and we’ll give you $200 cash.  You’ll get a $200 VISA Gift Card usable anywhere major credit cards are accepted, no strings attached.

All-Inclusive Trip to Korea including GPEL Factory Tour

If you manage to save up 500,000 points, then we want to meet you.  We’ll fly you and your partner to Seoul for an unforgettable three days and four nights of living like royalty.  We’ll cover airfare, lodging, transportation, dining as well as a tour of our factory to see how it’s all done.  Experience one of three top 5 hotels in Seoul’s city center with instant access to the most of what the city has to offer, guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and landmarks, historic neighborhoods, famous local restaurants, endless shopping and alluring nightlife. Whether you like sightseeing, shopping, food, thrills, history, solitude or just want to live like a local, three days will be barely enough to scratch the surface the city, but you’ll be so overwhelmed you won’t want to leave.  Just bring your body, and we’ll do the rest.

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