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Welcome Friend.

Here is your guide to everything you need to know about our constantly evolving plethora of never-boring Friendship ❤ Program rewards.  (Don’t say we never did anything for you)

Let us break the ice with one of our Cases for 1¢ + $3 shipping.

Or you may introduce yourself!

Either way, we'll give you 100 reward points just for making your acquaintance, which you can immediately exchange for $3 credit on your next purchase.

Once you’re in you’ll gain 10 points for every dollar you spend.  You can save points for up to 3 years.

Exchange points for rewards.  Trade any amount of points anytime for any number of rewards.  It's up to you.

Save up as many points you like, there is no limit.  However, limits or restrictions may apply to some rewards.

Currently we have 2 tiers of rewards, Silver and Diamond.  Only 1 Silver tier reward may be used per purchase, but you may redeem as many Diamond tier rewards as you like!

And now may we present to you, your Rewards – Enjoy.

Silver Tier Rewards

You get:

No. of points needed to redeem:

$3 store credit

100 pts.

$10 store credit

500 pts.


Diamond Tier Rewards

Be sure to check these regularly because they will change!

You get:

No. of points needed to redeem:

2 Regal Ultimate Movie Packs


2 AMC Movie Bundles

2500 pts.

$200 VISA Gift Card

25000 pts.

4 nights round-trip to South Korea for 2

250000 pts.


These special Gifts will always apply, no points required.



Every friend you refer to us that completes their first purchase

100 pts.

Orders over $25

Free automatic 1st Class shipping

Orders over $50

Free automatic Priority shipping