Design – stylish

Avant-garde design and noticeable expert finishing lend this sophisticated storage medium an individual character. The rounded and subtly satin-finished metal frame edges a casing surface made of fine Makassar ebony, soft cowhide nappa leather, brushed stainless steel or a modern carbon look.


Function – smart

On the inside, great engineering skill is compressed into the smallest space. With the unique and sophisticated single-action mechanism, the connector can be sunk into the casing and activated at the push of a button. What a turn on! This smart development ‘made by brinell’ makes the brinell Stick a globally unique storage medium.


Technology – super-fast

Unique in design and function – and, of course, technically state-of-the-art. Thanks to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 it achieves a data transfer rate up to 220 MB/s when reading and 140 MB/s when writing. And it works economically as its low electricity consumption conserves the battery life of notebooks and Ultrabooks.