GPEL Qi Wireless Charging Pad

$ 25.00

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Hate all those wires?  Seriously who doesn’t??  Now you can eliminate yet another loathsome cord with GPEL’s series of wireless chargers.  Form follows function at GPEL.  Because not all of us want to live in the jungle.

Simply just want to charge your device?  Look no further than our Qi wireless charging pad.  Pure practicality – that’s what we’re all about.

  • 3-coil technology charges your device no matter how it’s placed
  • Non-slip O-ring in the center
  • Low profile with an aluminum frame complements anything and everything



- GPEL Wireless Charging Pad
- Instruction Manual
- Micro USB Cable
(Wall adapter is not included. Recommend wall adapter with output rating of at least 2 amp)