iPhone 11 Pro / XS Real Tempered Glass Screen Protector - 1 Pack

$ 25.00

Real Glass Shield with Case-Friendly Feature

Your device’s most important part is its screen, which also happens to be the part you touch the most as well as the most fragile. Luckily for you (and your device), we’ve got you covered. Literally. Shield your screen with an additional layer of specialized glass so befitting you’ll wonder where we’ve been your whole life. 


  • Your entire iPhone XS screen will be under another layer of the world’s strongest glass, saving it from virtually anything you could throw at it. If you live an extreme lifestyle requiring extreme protection, look no further than GPEL's tempered glass screen protector.
  • The extremely easy installation process with perfect alignment and absolutely no bubbles.
  • The glass screen protector maintains the same amazing look and feel of your device, while preventing excessive fingerprints and oil stains, and makes the surface easy to clean.
  • Designed slightly smaller than the actual screen size of the phone to ensure it is compatible with most cases.
  • GPEL guarantees 30 days money back - we won't waste your time with abstruse guarantees. Contact us immediately if there are any issues.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone XS 5.8 inch