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iPhone 6 | 6s Plus Screen Protector - High-Definition (HD) 3D Curved Tempered Glass

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True 3D shaping allows the flat plane to be curved, providing the perfect fit necessary for rounded edge devices.  The glass curves along the edges, allowing it to extend across the whole surface of the screen for 100% coverage and no exposure or space underneath. 

Phones are getting more complex in their design with each new iteration, but 3D shaping isn’t just for looks.  You wouldn’t buy shoes that don’t fit because that would destroy your feet; those with active lifestyles know that the right gear is essential.

Many screen protectors proclaim to fit but aren’t actually made to measure. 2.5D shaped glass is common; though they are three dimensional objects, this simpler method of shaping doesn’t allow for overhanging elements.  In other words, while 2.5D glass has thickness in addition to length and width, the shape remains a flat one dimensional plane.