iPhone 6|6S Plus Full Coverage Accessory Glass by Corning® Screen Protector

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Use Accessory Glass by Corning®.  Never request another warranty replacement again.

Your entire screen, edge to edge, will be under another layer of the world’s strongest glass, saving it from virtually anything you could throw at it (except maybe a gunshot).  If you live an extreme lifestyle requiring extreme protection, look no further than GPEL’s Accessory Glass by Corning® screen protector.

  • Ion-exchange toughened glass shields your screen from bumps, nicks, mishaps and your everyday day abuse while remaining flawless
  • Even if you’re clumsy, the added glass will absorb the impact from a drop and break so your phone doesn’t have to suffer
  • Additional oleophobic coating on the surface repels smudges from your fingers as well as anything else it might come in contact with
  • Don’t worry, your screen will fully sense your touch and remain clear as day (daresay even clearer)
  • Installation is a snap – simply align and watch it do the rest
  • End result? Sharp looks, Smooth feel, Impenetrable protection.


Apple iPhone 6 | 6s Plus (all model)



- Accessory Glass by Corning® leverages Corning’s more than 160 years of leadership in the specialty glass and ceramics industry.
- Accessory Glass by Corning® is Corning’s product offering specifically for the glass screen protector market.