iPhone 7 Screen Protector - Real Tempered Glass (Clear)

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Real Glass Shield.  Even Spartans would envy.

Unfortunately your device’s most important part is its screen, which also happens to be the part you touch the most as well as the most fragile.  Luckily for you (and your device) we’ve got you covered.  Literally.  Shield your screen with an additional layer of specialized glass so befitting you’ll wonder where we’ve been your whole life.

  • Made from only the best – strong and safe Japanese Asahi Glass won’t shatter even if cracked
  • Thick enough to save your phone, thin enough for you to forget it’s there
  • Align and forget – just line it up with your screen and let it do the rest
  • Your screen will be so smooth and sensitive, you’ll want to baby it – but we daresay your baby will prove tougher than you think


    Apple iPhone 7


    Note: Because the screen protector adds an extra layer of glass, most other cases will not be compatible. All GPEL cases are designed specifically to fit with the GPEL Glass screen protector.