iPhone XS Privacy Real Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Real Glass Shield. Even Spartans would envy now with a Case-Friendly feature.

Your device’s most important part is its screen, which also happens to be the part you touch the most as well as the most fragile. Luckily for you (and your device), we’ve got you covered. Literally. Shield your screen with an additional layer of specialized glass so befitting you’ll wonder where we’ve been your whole life. 

  • Protect your confidentiality where you need to most, be it on an airplane, city street or local coffeehouse and finally feel free to work in peace
  • Stop screen hackers. The 2-Way privacy screen provides a 60° field of view directly in front of your screen to effectively block the view of those beside you while striking the perfect balance between blacked out privacy viewing and daytime clarity
  • Micro-sized louvers in the glass direct light towards your eyes only; anyone trying to steal a glimpse over your shoulder will see nothing but black
  • The glass protects edge to edge along the displays, allowing it to extend across the whole surface of the screen for maximum coverage and no exposure or space underneath

Apple iPhone XS 5.8 inch